Gallery of work

I like to work on a wide variety of themes, and usually, in the quieter winter months, am engaged in working on some exhibition pieces for the annual Cromarty Group Exhibition.

I work with high-firing terracotta clay, which I think combines the best of both worlds – the red clay gives an appealing warmth to my pieces and adds depth to the colours, whilst the high-firing temperature of 1130 Celsius ensures my pieces have the durability necessary for domestic ware.

On top of the hand-thrown ware I use a white slip which serves as a canvas for my decorations. I love putting lots of detail and little stories on my pots, naked women frolicking through a flowery meadow, or a fox eyeing up a crow in a tree – whatever takes my fancy. The decorations are mainly slip-trailed or sponge-decorated with my own hand-cut sponges.

After the first biscuit firing I then glaze my pots and put them back into the kiln again for the final step – the glaze firing . This lasts about 8 hours and the kiln will need another 8 hours to cool down before I can take my pieces out and put them in my shop to be sold.

The pieces illustrated here show a small range of my work over the last few years – both for exhibitions and one-off commissions. If you’d like to commission a special piece as a gift or commemorative present, please view some examples on my Commissions page.

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